Virtuality vs. Reality

Your Name Eng. 111-01 Teachers Name Virtuality Vs. Reality Computers have become one of the most sought-after devices to date. One reason perhaps is the overwhelming popularity of the internet. Seems as if no one is immune to using the internet and even some restaurants offer free wi-fi for their patrons. There is virtually nothing that can’t be done on the internet.
Because of its popularity, everyday millions of people log on the internet either for online shopping, socializing, or researching. Going to malls and department stores may soon be a past activity for the busy person due to the popularity of shopping on the internet. People may chose shopping online because it is very convenient, cheap, and variety is offered right at a person’s finger tips. First of all, the convenience of shopping online is very time saving, and it eliminates the need to drive around to several different stores searching for that perfect gift.
For example, a person can shop right at home using a smartphone, a laptop, or an Ipad in the convenience of her own bed. In addition to being convenient, online shopping can be money saving. Searching for deals online can save an individual a lot of money. Besides finding deals on the internet; moreover, staying home, and purchasing online can also save tremendously on gas expenses. While saving money is a good asset of shopping online, included in shopping online is the wide selections of websites to chose from.

Depending on what a person is looking there is always something unique that can be found shopping online. Since there are so many stores available right in the palm of one’s hand, why would anyone want to leave home? In brief, if one makes up her mind to stay home and do online shopping, she would not only be saving time and money but can also have the world wide web of shopping readily available at her finger tips. Having considered shopping online to being popular for the busy person, it is also reasonable to look at socializing through the internet as a preferred way that most timid people communicate.
One example of social communicating online is the constant use of Facebook. People from all walks of life, from different ages, different nationalities, and social classes sign on to Facebook everyday to keep up with the statuses of their Facebook friends, comment on their statuses, or to simply see how their friends are doing. An individual can also use Facebook to stay in contact with far away family members, to search for missing family members, to communicate with old classmates, or to play online games with their Facebook acquaintances.
In addition to connecting with people on Facebook, there are several online gaming websites that cater to a more eccentric way of socializing. For instance, a game called, “World of Warcraft” is a widely played game where one can socialize with another individual through in-game chat messaging. In this online gaming world, individuals can communicate with one another, help each other complete missions, and conquer the game. Online gaming is also an easier way of conversing for a person who is intimidated by meeting new people in real-life.
Finally, a person can meet new people through online dating more simply than meeting them in person. Online dating would eliminate the nervousness one feels in real-life and would give way to a more relaxed person. Not only will an individual be more comfortable, but online dating would allow her to be more herself. Individuals who engage in online dating can socialize through messaging, email, the dating website, or cell phones. There are several different ways using the internet can bring people together whether it be Facebook, online gaming, or online dating.
Thirdly, conducting research online is another important feature of the internet and adds to its popularity. For example, a student has a project due at school and instead of spending hours looking in a library,the student, on the other hand, can go right to a computer and find all the information he needs to complete his project. Not only can a student find research material for his school project, but can also find ideas for craft projects. Searching online can be very helpful when it comes to “do-it-yourself” projects.
Mothers can go online to research craft ideas she and her child can do together as family time. Moreover, mothers can not only find “do-it-yourself” projects, but can use the internet for researching recipes. There are thousands and thousands of databases full of recipes. From easy thirty minutes meals, to crockpot cookers, and baked goods, characteristics of these recipes can be found on several different websites. For instance, if an individual wants to find a recipe for banana read, all that one would need to do is to go online and Google banana bread recipes. In conclusion, with people using the computer every day, it is no wonder that the internet has become so popular. Because an individual can shop, socialize, and research areas of interest on the computer, society has become dependent on the internet. The ultimate question is have we as a society become more comfortable with machine than to come face to face with man.

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