Sustainability for a Business

Please note that this assignment contains some questions for which you can find the answers through Google: when you extract any facts from external sources, be sure to write them in your own words and provide a reference. The assignment also contains questions inquiring into your personal perspective: you will not find the answers to these questions in Google, but rather through introspection.

Please consider Tanzania as my home country.

1) Report on the levels of income inequality and wealth inequality in Tanzania by referring to the country’s GINI coefficient and at least one other measure. How does the country rank worldwide by these measures? How is economic inequality changing over time?

2) How does economic inequality manifest in your country (Tanzania)? What are the implications for the lived experiences of different segments of the population? How has this changed under Covid19?

3) Which factors push inequality and what is being done within the country to limit inequality?

4) In your considered opinion, should the country (Tanzania) change its approach to managing economic inequality? If yes, what specifically should they do? If no, explain why the current approach is perfect. For more information on Sustainability for a Business check on this:

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