Produce Quality Project


Produce quality project Select three grocery chain supermarkets and observe the produce management operations. Check whether they are following the proper postharvest handling recommendations for specific fruits, vegetables and flowers. How they are displaying, are they maintaining at their optimum temperature, moisture and light conditions in the display cases of each grocery chain and those that are not being held under their optimum conditions. Visit the produce sections of at least three grocery stores. Please identify yourself and explain the reason and the purpose of your visit to the customer service desk and request them to put you in contact with the produce manager..  Select at least three (4-5 is also good) commodities to observe in each store. It is preferable, but not necessary, to observe the same commodities in each store. If s/he has time, have the produce manager or her/his representative describe the essentials of her/his job. This person is usually very cooperative and informative and, at your request, may give you a tour of their backroom storage and handling area(s). For each store that you visit, please record your observations, including the following: Location and address Date and time of day Display organization and appearance Visible presence of produce section employee and what they are doing Contact person(s) Essentials of Produce Manager’s job For each of your selected commodities, please record your observations, including the following: Temperature of display case or display area Other commodities displayed in proximity Freshness Uniformity of color, size, overall quality, etc. Cuts/bruises or other visible marks or defects State or country of origin Price What looks good about this product?

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