Poverty in America

The paper assignment is designed for you to think about politics and government and provide your analysis and opinion. This is designed for you to think critically! You can choose any topic in politics and government that interests you. That should allow you to do an excellent job on the paper.

1)Choose a topic relating to a problem or issue relating to American Government or politics. If you need help email or talk to me.
2)Research your topic, finding out sufficient information to allow you to understand and analyze it. Then provide your own thoughts and analysis. Use the library, internet, newspapers, etc. depending on your topic.
3)Be sure to cite words and ideas not your own. Attach a bibliography.
4)Use proper grammar and spelling-Proofread!
5)Format may be similar to this-
A-General introduction to the issue
C-Your analysis and opinion-the issue’s significance

The paper should be approximately 3-4 (typed, double-spaced) pages in length. PAPERS ARE DUE FRIDAY, Dec. 4th. You will be asked to post a brief summary of your paper on the class discussion board during the week of Dec. 4th. LATE PAPERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED!

I will gladly read outlines/rough drafts/be available for help.
Use the method of citation (in terms of endnotes, Chicago style, etc) that you are most familiar with as long as you are consistent.

Topics-these are just some ideas from the past-again the choice is wide-open-
Poverty, Social Security, Health Care, environmental issues, energy policy, money and elections, FDA and drug regulation, abortion, gay marriage, War Powers Act, War on Terror and the Patriot Act, Tax policy, Budget policy, religion and politics, regulating the internet, affirmative action, free trade, immigration, education (No Child Left Behind), media and politics, any historical political issue, analysis of an interest group, crime and criminal justice, privacy, and the law, etc., etc., etc. For information on poverty in America  check on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poverty_in_the_United_States


The post Poverty in America appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Poverty in America appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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