philosophical treatment

Continuation from Research 5:

1. Identify the article (one more time) that you are examining fro Research 5: author, title, publication source, pages.


2. Analysis–you have already started this from Research 5 — read and analyze that article (not just the abstract):

A. Briefly summarize your presentation from Research 5

B.The author’s argument, resolution, or thesis (250 words): Explain the author’s argument, analysis, and the conclusion or resolution reached.

For example, the author might offer an argument, a critique, a new approach

(a) Argument: the author(s) may be offering an argument such that they may even say “we shall argue that…”. Look for stated assumptions, either as identified premises, or necessary principles that underlie the position.

(b) Interpretations are also arguments (especially if they are being offered as a new rake on something: basic concepts, definitions, standing theories may be controversial and in need of interpretation or re-interpretation. A philosophical treatment may offer a new interpretation or it may critically examine an already given interpretation. The author(s) might even say “we think a new way of defining xyz is needed…etc.). This can also be construed as the opening of an argument. It has parts that fit together a certain way.

(c) Prescription: the author(s) may argue for, lay out a proposal for, a new concept—or again, a criticism of a given prescription (perhaps a standard one in the field. It might also have an argument structure, a rationale for why this or that should be so.


3. Your Assessment. 250 words: What makes this article a philosophical article in general and also for
the area in the philosophy of X?
Three specific questions here.

a. What significance does it have for the “X” area in the philosophy of X?

b. How does a specialized inquiry/argument of this sort reveal the nature of philosophy?

c. In what ways is philosophy of this sort (done by the author of the article) different from the “popular” notion of philosophy as being a personal belief system?

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