My Kind of Writing

Merola Page 1 of 2 Lyndsay Merola English 1100-05 My Kind of Writing There are many different types and styles of writing with their own purpose. I can express myself and others in all different kinds of ways. For example there is expository writing, descriptive writing, Narrative writing, persuasive writing and creative writing. Yes, they are all ways of writing but they each share their own purpose. Expository writing is a type of writing where the purpose is to inform, describe, or explain the author’s subject to the reader. I personally like expository writing because it can be very easy to accomplish and it doesn’t require much thinking.
Descriptive writing is very similar. It is writing that describes a particular person, place or event in great detail. Narrative writing is writing that tells a story, whether true or fictional. I love narrative writing because there are options to be creative with it. Persuasive writing was very popular for me in High School, Almost every month we would have to write an essay on persuading somebody in a particular idea or thought. For persuasive writing you need good reasons and examples. Last but not least there is creative writing. Creative writing is basically considered to be any writing, fiction, poetry, or non-fiction.
It is very basic and is my personal favorite Merola Page 2 of 2 because I feel free and more open to write about whatever I want and not just a main topic or idea. A journal is an example of creative writing and I like being able to use a journal because it helps me get thoughts out, but keep memories in. In my college writing class, I feel like our essays are based on more creative writing. When I wrote about my most embarrassing moment, I actually laughed and had fun writing it because it wasn’t political or educational, but it was about life and different experiences.

I like writing about real life situations because it is a lot easier to write about and the ideas come more natural to me. Honestly when I think of persuasive writing, I find it boring. Whenever I find myself writing a persuasive essay, I find myself thinking of a good enough lie to make the reader believe me and so I could persuade to them my point of view. Persuasive writing is very boring and could be very difficult at times, but somehow I find myself struggle through it. There are also different kinds of writing like academic writing, professional writing, business writing, and copywriting.
You can write about non-fiction, fiction or even poems. I prefer writing about non-fiction because I find it more useful and interesting. Overall, there are many different types and styles of writing with their own purposes. Some people enjoy writing stories, writing about their life, writing because there is a purpose, or writing because there may be no purpose behind it. It varies on the person behind the paper. I enjoy writing about realistic things, but everyone is different and creative in their own ways.

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