Informative Essay

You are to write a 4-6 page research paper on one of the topics given below. Your paper needs to be in MLA format (Google Docs has a template for MLA). The paper needs to be double spaced and in 12 font. You will also need a Works Cited page for your sources. Please make use of all materials that have been given to you on Blackboard. I will also post a grading rubric to Blackboard.


a. 4-6 pages

b. MLA Format (Times New Roman 12pt. Font)

c. All references are cited properly, at least 3 sources on a separate works cited page

d. Plagiarism results in an automatic zero on the entire paper

e. Works Cited page

f. Based on one of the following prompts:


Topic 1:

Write an informative essay explaining what has caused the English spoken today to be different from the English spoken in earlier centuries. You are to trace the language dating back to the Anglo-Saxon Period up to our language today. One question to consider is How has technology played a role in the changing of the language?

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