Holocene Extinction

Focus on just one part of the paper and you will need to research around the topics, by identifying relevant keywords and finding similar papers within the topics. Use references cited within the paper to learn more about the topic.
Follow these questions when writing the research:

What is the research question the author(s) are trying to address?

– Start with context

– Outline what the researchers are trying to do

Describe what methods the author(s) used to collect data.

Describe the results the author(s) presented in your own format. This means to use data from the paper to produce a figure, don’t copy-paste.

What were the limitations of the study? (Use other papers to help you here)

What were the overall conclusions the author(s) came to?

How has the current study added to the knowledge of the subject to the science community?

How could this study be relevant to the ecology of the UAE? If your study is about the UAE, how could it be relevant to another country? For information on Holocene Extinction check on this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocene_extinction

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