Food and Drug Administration

eight pages (excluding bibliography, graphs, tables, and other visual images)
Times New Roman, size 12
potential topics for the paper may include the description of a case history in healthcare that details the US FDA and international regulatory agency collaboration, on a specific issue in regulatory affairs, or you may elect to choose a current and ongoing topic of interest. For instance, you may choose to discuss a healthcare-related topic including but not limited to the current COVID-19 pandemic or the more recent Ebola virus outbreak and discuss how the WHO collaborated with other global healthcare agencies on case management, prevention, and control of the infection. The paper should also discuss in detail how international regulatory agencies such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA), FDA, etc., collaborated with each other as well as with the WHO in the development of new diagnostic tests, vaccines, or therapies to combat the disease/condition and help accelerate approvals for strategies/interventions for quick patient access while ensuring they are safe and effective. For information on Food and Drug Administration check on this:

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