Construction metal materials entering the online market


1) APA Referencing style as shown in incomplete business plan 2)(Mullins,2017) references made should be kept because we were asked to reference his book, (The New Business Road Test)¬† 3)Work already done can be used again by you if you would like to paraphrase it in your style 4)Most frameworks used in sample business plans are the frameworks set by the module leader which can be found in assignments 1-9, not all are required only the ones that can be found in the sample’s appendix and main body. Please use the same frameworks when needed. 5)If questions about how to fill the frameworks are needed you can ask me about them. 6)For the secondary research, i have made a survey with the questions found in the questionnaire¬†document i have sent, data from the survey will be sent to you to use in the research in this email. 7)It is not required to use the exact same pitch template, but the content should be similar to what is found in the templates. 8)Words number (10,000) is excluding appendix, and highlights, bibliography and eureka. 9)Please send the first half as soon as it is done to show my supervisor the progress. 10)Please try to follow the sample business plan as much as possible when it comes to structure and parts+ appendix. 11)Information about the business idea is almost all complete in the 3000 word incomplete business plan I provided. 12) Please follow briefs as much as possible.

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