Civil Rights Movement

The Term paper Topic: The Civil Rights Movement
(includes an introduction that briefly explains the issues under consideration and the interpretation you offer), a body, and a conclusion. MUST HAVE BIBLIOGRAPHY WITH AT LEAST 3 ACADEMIC STUDIES OF THE TOPIC AS WELL.
The paper should be written as a review of at least three academic sources on a chosen topic, with an introduction and conclusion. The idea is not to recite a collection of facts but to identify important issues, take a stand on them, and use facts to support your position.
The paper should include an introduction that briefly explains the issues under consideration and the interpretation you offer, a body (the bulk of the paper) that offers evidence in support of your interpretation, and a conclusion that sums up your argument and discusses its broader implications. Citations (of your choice) must be used for any quotations or paraphrases of ideas or facts taken from sources. For citation instructions, see the Online Writing Lab (OWL).
The Review of at least three academic sources should be critical and analytical in nature. Generally, the more narrowly focused the topic, the more successful the paper will be. A good way to choose a topic is, to begin with, a general area of interest and narrow it based on the academic sources available. For instance, looking up the Vietnam War in the subject index might reveal books on military strategy, the experiences of soldiers, a political leader, and the anti-war movement. One of these more focused subtopics could then be chosen.
The finished paper should be between 8-16 pages, typed, and double-spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font. The bibliography must include at least three academic studies of the topic—if you are unsure whether or not a source is academic, you should research its author to see if the person is an active and regular contributor to scholarly history writing. Textbooks, encyclopedias, and other general reference materials may not be included. Please see the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University for examples of research papers. For information on the Civil Rights Movement check on this:

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