Best Tips on Writing a Cultural Analysis Essay In 2020

As one of the exciting academic assignments, a cultural analysis essay helps students expand their critical thinking while utilizing reflective and analytical skills. Contrary to standard papers, it allows learners to use the first-person language. In essence, that’s one of the rules; therefore, you should prepare yourself with practical tips for crafting a cultural analysis essay prompt.

With what’s cultural analysis essay question answered, you can proceed but only with the right tools. For that reason, here is an ultimate guide for writing a top-notch cultural analysis paper.

Steps to writing a cultural analysis essay

Although it seems cheap writing a cultural identity essay, it is relatively quite demanding. You ought to employ your critical thinking, analytical and reflective skills. Besides, your main objective is to explore and explain the cultural significance. Below are some of the practical steps to consider whenever you’re assigned any cultural analysis essay topics.

Pick the right topic

Settling on a topic is one of the crucial facets of a persuasive and engaging paper. There are numerous cultural analysis topic ideas. Sometimes your instructor will provide a subject or leave it for you. If it’s the latter, you need to choose a specific culture or country.

Next, study all cultural influences, then pick one based on your interests or fascinates the most. Some of these topics lay under various disciplines, including religion, family, ethnicity, education, business, and social-economic status.


Think of a possible story or ideas behind the selected topic. Moreover, consider specific cultural incidents, customs, phenomena, influence, or celebration. You can even note your thoughts on a piece of paper. In this way, you identify the most potent cultural approach, therefore producing a detailed analysis. Remember, you should arrange your argument for the sake of structure and flow.


Take your time and visit several online sites or books. Gather and save all the necessary information while noting the sources. Besides, it would be best to jot down a brief review of what you find. After all, you need this information to build detailed body paragraphs.

Develop a thesis

Formulate an effective thesis statement for your cultural analysis essay. Keep in mind that this is the hook where you capture the reader’s attention. Besides, it’s the answer to the topic question as it provides the main argument behind your paper. In other words, a thesis is the backbone of your essay.

Write the introduction

 Equally important as the other facets of your cross-cultural analysis essay, the introduction should be catchy. Think of it as the welcoming avowal because it sets up the tantalizing stage. In essence, provide a short overview of the culture based on the chosen profile. Set your theme by giving reasons why the culture is essential and link your thesis.

Build the body paragraphs

As the most significant part of your paper, the body should develop your essays’ theme. Think of it as a platform to pour out your in-depth concepts while providing examples, statistics, and evidence. The body can also feature some of your real-life experiences or personal anecdotes to help the reader develop a deeper understanding. 

Use different paragraphs to explain distinct cultural aspects. The number of paragraphs depends on how many points or arguments you have.  Remember, each section must include a topic sentence, explanation, and transition text.

The wrap-up

Summarize your cultural essay’s main argument, state your final thought, and give the audience something to mull over. The central idea is to call the reader to action while looking forward to your cultural theme’s future. Besides, you can restate your thesis but in different phrasing. 


Once you’re through with the first draft, take a break off the screen, and then revisit your work. Read and re-read your paper to check any grammar mistakes, punctuation, typos, and spelling mistakes. Moreover, verify the tone and edit where necessary.

What to focus on in cultural analysis essays

 Are you struggling to cope with your cultural analysis assignments? Do you understand where to start or focus? Sometimes, teachers don’t provide the necessary specification because this is a broad field. Here is a rundown of some essay pointers for a persuasive paper.

Deaf custom essays

For this type of paper, start by devising a precise explanation of what deaf traditions is all about, then give the different signs they use. Likewise, you can talk about the schools deaf people attend and their entertainment programs. You can also express your stance on deaf culture as some believe it doesn’t exist.

Cultural differences Essays

As the name suggests, this is the type of cultural essays that call for comparisons between two cultures. For example, you may decide to analyze cultural differences between China and India or Africa and America.

Cultural diversity essays

It’s one of the common topics you’ll address in your academic career.  Let’s face it; the world and society are rapidly changing. As a result, there is more and more cultural diversity. A cultural diversity paper should discuss how all these cultures relate.

Cultural analysis in movies

Here comes another type of fascinating subjects for an outstanding cultural analysis essay. All you’ve to do is focus on films that reflect the culture, based on different countries. For instance, you can build your paper as per African or American cultural movies.

Importance of cultural analysis essay

Today, rapid culture change increased complexity, and intense competition in society make it challenging for institutions to stay competitive. It’s this kind of agility that will help you resolve problems quickly and accelerate innovation. Understanding cultural analysis essays has various benefits. Here is a list.

  • Helps enhance the management process as it uncovers cultural strengths and weaknesses
  • Reveals the hidden communication practices like important routines and rituals
  • Gives a snapshot in times of significant values and beliefs
  • Aids or promotes insight into promotion practices.
  • Supports the current digital evolution
  • Enhances students analytical, reading, and writing skills
  • Improves learners critical thinking abilities

The bottom-line

At this point, you have a clear layout for writing a persuasive cultural analysis essay. It is not hard as it may appear at first glance. Go ahead; it is your turn. Use the above tips to produce a top-notch paper and eventually score higher grades.

Suppose you find it challenging to cope with your cultural analysis assignments, look for professional assistance here.

The post Best Tips on Writing a Cultural Analysis Essay In 2020 appeared first on Australia Assessments.

The post Best Tips on Writing a Cultural Analysis Essay In 2020 appeared first on Australia Assessments.

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