Accounting Information Systems Essay Questions

 Answer ALL EIGHT of the following questions. type the question, and type your answer to the questions in one Word document

1. Define in your own words, “Accounting Information Systems”. List and explain three ways an AIS can add value to an organization. 

2. Define Cloud Computing. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing.

 3. List and discuss the three main advantages of relational databases. 

4. Define ERP. Discuss the benefits and challenges associated with implementing and using and ERP 

5. List, describe, and give an example of each of the three primary types of Business Rules discussed in our text. 

6. In QuickBooks, why is it important to void and re-enter a check versus deleting or changing a check? What is the best practice in making this decision and why?

 7. List and discuss the three key types of data activity models. Which one is the most likely to be used in today’s environment and why (provide and explain at least three advantages)? 

8. Some would argue the role of an accountant is simply to be an information provider. Will a computer ultimately and completely take over the job of the accountant? As part of your explanation, discuss the changing roles of accountants regarding the evolution of accounting information systems. 

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